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At 11:52am on April 10, 2011, Janet - Todd's Mom said…


Todd had unopened things he had recently bought, just like Tommy.  It still makes me cry when I go in his room & see everything he had plans to do. So much enthusiasm for life.

I cry too when I think of your son Tommy freezing to death.  When someone freezes like that, it's painless, according to everything I've read.  Sleep overcomes the person very quickly. 

Did you ever confront the people whose house he went to for help and ask them what they were thinking?  Many times I've wanted to confront my son's doctor & ask her what she was thinking.  But because we've filed a formal complaint with the Board of Medicine, I don't want to jeopardize anything having to do with that.  She could take my words and misconstrue them and file some kind of complaint against me.   From what I've heard from people who know her, she's young, arrogant & incompetent, which is very annoying to those who have to work with her.  Enough about her.  She makes me sick.

As for Todd's things, for now I'm keeping everything we have left in his room.  We did give some things to his very close friends, because these friends were like family to him.  They visited him day & night for the whole 6 days he was in the hospital, in a medically-induced coma.  One couple had just had their 2nd child three weeks earlier.  Todd had taken care of their older child until the grandparents arrived.   I don't know how they did it, but grandparents were called to babysit, time was taken off from work, and we all stayed in the waiting room taking turns going into the ICU where Todd was to talk with him, 2 or 3 of us at a time.  I couldn't have gotten through it without them, all 11 of them.  They still keep in touch with us, inviting us to their children's birthday parties, Christmas parties, holiday barbecues, etc.  For a person with a mild case of Asperger's, Todd made very close friends with some amazingly wonderful people.

Hugs, Janet     

At 10:31am on April 9, 2011, Janice Curry said…
I was also dragging my feet when it came to the grave marker.  I had to muster every ounce of strength I had to walk into that office.  I was also concerned about the cost because I knew what I wanted and it wasn't going to be cheap.  I won't get the proofs till sometime next week and I already know that I want to add another laser etching and I'm going to have to go with a slightly wider stone to get it all on there.  I feel that if it takes every last dime we have, so be it.  I will never get to shower Ashley or the unborn grandbaby with Christmas or Birthday presents ever again.  This is the final thing we can do for her.  I was amazed though at how calm I was doing the layout.  It was as if Ashley herself was helping me.  It absolutely shocked me when the man doing the layout looked at me and asked if I wanted Ashley's daughter mentioned on the stone and he called her by name.  I have racked my foggy brain trying to remember if I said her name and I swear that I didn't.  I know that my meltdown will come when I see the proof and I will definitely post the final proof.  I think your visit was awesome and I wish and pray everyday that I get one.  My daughter and son has had several from her, they were so close.  The sadness is getting worse for me.  The babys due date is around the corner, as well as Ashley's birthday and wedding date.  We were planning her baby shower for this month.  I honestly don't know how to get through all of this.  It's been almost 4 months since her death and it just gets worse.  I hope you can find some comfort in your son's visit.  I believe that our children really are okay.
At 5:21pm on April 8, 2011, Terri - Autumn's Mom said…

Wow Shannon!  I am so happy for you to have that experience.  Yes it is real, I think our kids come during dreams to give us comfort.  My mom talked of fishing with my brother after he passed and several other experiences and she said once a lot of time had passed and she was able to cope better, he never came back like that.  But by then she felt good and felt he was at peace.  That's all I want, I want to know Autumn is okay and at peace and I think I would be able to deal with this somewhat better. 

Your Tommy is such a good looking kid.  I bet he brought you a lot of laughs!!

Hold onto your experience and maybe write it down so it's as clear to you months or years from now when you might be having a difficult time.  I'm sure it will bring you peace!

At 5:45pm on April 7, 2011, Melinda Ellen Guinn said…
You know it! His friends were saying that when he got to Heaven! I hope my just turned 30 yr old Babygirl, Candace Rae Watson is having fun with all her new friends. I think since we're connected here, there's a link to our kids also. 
At 3:19pm on April 7, 2011, JOYCE MASHER, 4 Amy 5158791808 said…


I am having pc problems and or internet is so slow. I cant get any of things done that I usually do. I live on this thing. dont care about the house,lol.

thanks for the invite too. I have to catch up on all the posts. I feel bad if I dont read them or reply if needed. Plus, I get down a lot for dumb reasons and do my crying thing and then come back here. It would so cool if we could all just give each other hugs. so hugs are on the way.

At 11:20am on April 7, 2011, valerie moore said…
shannon, was trying to look you up on facebook-  i need to know if you have an email address, and if it is with yahoo or ???  let me know... i will send you a message and more photos of dusty... thanks,   valerie
At 8:27pm on April 6, 2011, Ronda Johnston said…
Thank u for writing back....  How did your beautiful son pass?? How old was Tommy?  My heart goes out to all of us who have lost a child no matter what age it all hurts the same.  I just seen that Tommy passed on Christmas day, oh I'm so sorry.... Wow on a holiday that is horrible!!!  Any day is horrible so sorry Shannon.  Are u on FB by any chance?  I am... If u are lets look for each other would love to be your friend on FB too, my name on FB is Ronda gray Johnston... I have more photo's of Sean on my page.... let me know?  Are u attending any support groups?  I am, I go once a week, It kinda helps sometimes.  well Shannon write soon, Hugs Ronda
At 8:27pm on April 6, 2011, Ronda Johnston said…
Thank u for writing back....  How did your beautiful son pass?? How old was Tommy?  My heart goes out to all of us who have lost a child no matter what age it all hurts the same.  I just seen that Tommy passed on Christmas day, oh I'm so sorry.... Wow on a holiday that is horrible!!!  Any day is horrible so sorry Shannon.  Are u on FB by any chance?  I am... If u are lets look for each other would love to be your friend on FB too, my name on FB is Ronda gray Johnston... I have more photo's of Sean on my page.... let me know?  Are u attending any support groups?  I am, I go once a week, It kinda helps sometimes.  well Shannon write soon, Hugs Ronda
At 10:51pm on April 5, 2011, Ronda Johnston said…
Hello Shannon, My name is Ronda & I was  just looking & reading some of the  blog.... I just wanted to reach out to u & give u my condolences I'm So very sorry to hear about your son Tommy, I also lost my son Sean June 14th 2010 the worst day of my life....  I miss Sean so much it hurts so bad!!!!!   I do believe that Tommy did come to u & tell u he was okay, I also pray every nite to god & tell him please let Sean come to me & just let me know he's okay & the other day  something did  happen to me, I put it all together & I really feel that Sean came to me.... Shannon I hope to hear from u, would love to know more about your precious son.  sending u a hug, Love Ronda
At 10:23pm on April 5, 2011, Bethany said…
Shannon , I am very sorry about your son Tommy. I read about his tragic death and as a mother my heart feels your pain.  I lost my Markus 3 days after his 21st b-day. We are never prepared for the shock and trauma of this horrific news.  I do want to tell you I read about your Tommy visiting you and telling you he is alright. My son did the same thing. I was standing in a dark parking lot, and I saw a red car zoom in, I said to myself that is Marks car. And out he jumped, he ran to me he grabbed me and he looked me in the eyes, He said do you know how much I love you? I began crying and saying you came back, you came back.... He was dressed in white, he had a beautiful glow. His face looked so radient. He told me he was happy now, and he is with God. This was the most vivid dream I ever had, it was not a dream, it was a visit. God is good and kind, and I believe this was a gift to a grieving mother... as was yours.
At 1:06pm on April 5, 2011, Anita Chavez-Daveys mom said…
Thanks for the post on the main wall.  I feel the same way that you do.  I look for thos NDE to help me.  I have read a few.  I will definately read that link you send.  I also do not judge people anymore, no do I care what others think, say, look like, smell...nothing.  It all does not matter anymore.  I have had some depressing things happen in my life since Davey left this earth, but I try to just take one day at a time and not judge people.  If only others were the same way.  I know that God only gives us as much as we can bear..I did not know I could bear this much!!!  And I hope he  doesn't give me anymore, because I don't think I can handle anymore.  Please keep up the positive posts.  I look forward to what you have to say and I know that others do as well
At 9:14pm on April 3, 2011, Jeff Justus said…

Shannon, You really do have a way of comforting those that really need it. I think that we all need comforting at certain times but we have others that need it more often than others. thanks for being there for those that are having a hard time.

I'm like you, I put my trust in the Lord's hands and trust that my son is with me in spirit every single second of every day. Thanks again and I hope to be there when you need it.

At 11:31am on March 31, 2011, BONNIE said…


This experience has left us forever changed. We can use this to grow and to learn. I have been praying often as you have.

My daughter was very spiritual and she often would help the lonely and afflicted. When she was 9 years old she volunteered to help the handicapped kids in wheel chairs with cerebral palsy and other aliments where they drooled and could not lift their heads. She read them stories and lifted them up. Each of us is put on earth to learn and accomplish something. I also have learned now more about the different worlds or dimensions of reality. I believe that our loved ones may be in a joyful place and may also be learning in that spiritual dimension. Before we came to earth our spirit was and we will return to

spirit. For some reason we could not stay in the spirit world. I know it hurts so much and we mus find comfort in knowing that our loved ones live on in another dimension. If we choose the right, one day we can be together again. I thank God for the time I had with my precious gift from heaven.



At 7:29pm on March 30, 2011, BONNIE said…

I believe the veil between our world and the spirit world is very thin but your son had to go when you called a witness. It seems to me this was exclusively for your benefit. I do not know what rules are in the Spirit world I only know that here we are bound by the physics of earth.

My daughter came to me before I knew she had died and she told me she was in a horrible car accident and could not get help. It was so real and vivid- it turned out it was around the exact time the medical examiner felt she died. I called my sister in California and talked to her and told her my mothers intuition was my daughter was severely hurt in an accident-we prayed and I did not sleep all night I had such a bad feeling. In the morning early the police came and told me what they thought happened. One was very hard on me because it would be vehicular manslaughter and they were trying to find out who to blame. They searched her room and wanted to know if she ever drank or took drugs it was really horrible the way they handled me further adding to my grief. One guy was quiet and nice but the other was like a bulldozer.

Had my daughter not come to me I would have not believed there was ghosts or spirit worlds- I would even think it was totally crazy-now I think you probably were granted a visit and your prayers are what summoned your beloved.



God Bless-


At 7:20pm on March 30, 2011, BONNIE said…
Thank you. I guess it is strange the way it takes so long to get the toxicology report.
At 6:33pm on March 30, 2011, valerie moore said…
shannon,  everything you said about ongoing pain when we lose our children, i believe is true. its been 1yr and 7 mon.  the pain is always there, it comes with sharper clarification or softer clarification- BUT it will always be there.  it seems like a forever death sentence.  i feel as if my life now is trashed. i do go to church which has been a tremendous source of healing... i am no longer angry with God..  so many other things.  thanks for the beautiful prayer.  hugs, valerie
At 6:02pm on March 30, 2011, Tim's Mom, Vickie said…

Shannon, it was a tough decision to part with anything of Tims. I'm even regretting giving his father his best guitar. He hadn't seen Tim in 11 years, but somehow, it felt like the right thing to do.

I hope that our boys are up there jamming together, making beautiful music, and loving every minute of it.

Don't give away any of Tommy's stuff until it feels right. The only major thing I had to do just 2 days after he passed was return his car.  His first payment was due, and we had no way to pay it. He had $20 in his wallet and in hindsight, I probably should've kept it. He was so proud of that car.


At 11:57am on March 30, 2011, Carol Roberts said…

Thank you so much for accepting my request for friendship and your kind words <3 wishing you many blessings filled with love and peace and comfort <3



At 3:26pm on March 29, 2011, Paula G, Jimmy's Mother said…

Shannon, I like the Five Candles.  Thank you.  Thinking of you. Paula

At 8:03pm on March 28, 2011, Carol Roberts said…

I wanted to reach out to you, My son Christopher left us on June 30th, of 2010, my only son, light of my life, best friend, I wish I had a dream like yours, I keep hoping <3  I miss him so much, and I do find comfort knowing he is happy, and loving his new life <3 <3  I believe this with all my heart, and it's what keeps me sane most days.  I can hear him saying " mom, I'm ok, I promise, and I am right here with you always "   He lived about 250 miles from me, but we talked almost every day, and  I always told him, like God, I am always just a breath away~~ thats how much I love you.  Now he is always only just a breath away, like God <3 Thank you for sharing your journey with us all, you touched my heart, and your son is Beautiful <3

Love, Carol

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