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At 2:43pm on January 24, 2013, Bob Parkins said…


Thanks for caring so much! It helps to talked with people who have gone through similar experiences!

Praise God for loving them enough to keep them from suffering any longer!

Please keep in touch

At 2:42pm on January 18, 2013, Melinda CANDACE Guinn said…

I'll see if I have some on my CD's and put them up here. Thanks for your interest. They're part of Candace. It hurts.

At 10:07am on January 18, 2013, Bob Parkins said…


Tyler had a blood disease called Aplastic Anemia. It is very similar to Leukemia but not a "cancer" per say. 

I know exactly how you're feeling Martha! 

Attached are a couple of videos I want to share of my son Tyler.

Please enjoy and we'll talk soon

 Tyler Slideshow 1 of 2 Tyler Slideshow 2 of 2

At 8:27pm on January 17, 2013, Melinda CANDACE Guinn said…

OK, this is the 2nd time I'm trying to post, old pc! I looked at Jaime's pix again, I'm so sorry. He looks like a fine young man! I really like the one where he caught a fish when he was a kid! You're a pretty lady also!

At 4:07pm on January 16, 2013, Melinda CANDACE Guinn said…

Thanks for asking me to be your friend. When does it get easier? Never I guess. Candace is my only child. I lived for my girl! She'd be alive IF I had moved w/her. I knew she drank beer. I had no idea she took pills! I know they smoked pot, but not pills! I feel so guilty! I hate  this permanent frown I feel on my face, but I can't change how I feel. Candace came to me the day b/4 her funeral. I FELT her rub my arms up and down twice. She was standing behind me. On Valentine's Day she poked me on my shoulder, from behind me again! I went to a medium and she confirmed it was Candace. I thought I was losing my mind and hallucinating. I have another reading w/a different medium on Feb 11, Candace would've turned 33. She had just turned 30 when I lost her. What did Jaime die from? Neither the pills or beer alone would've killed Candace, it was the combination that stopped her heart. I told the medium I heard Candace crying, she said she was when she saw her body had perished. She loved her 3 little girl's so MUCH, it hurts! Great pics of Jaime.

At 12:03am on January 14, 2013, Alicia Rodriguez said…
Hi Martha thinkin of you and how you doin hope this new year brings us pease forever missing our sons my beloved Jesse is goin on 4 years and I miss him so much well hugs to you my friend ,,Alicia Jesses Mom
At 10:58pm on January 1, 2013, Alicia Rodriguez said…
Hi Martha hope your ok just makin it one day at a time haven't been here often but I do think of god bless you
At 2:47pm on November 21, 2012, Michelle Berls - Julie's Mom said…

Thank you for inviting me to be your friend on here, Martha.  Praying for you this holiday season. Peace...

At 7:05pm on November 2, 2012, Ilona H Hertz said…
Keep strong my friend!!
At 12:51pm on October 18, 2012, Maryann Tillsley said…

Thank you !!!

At 2:14pm on October 12, 2012, David, BERNIE's dad said…

Yeah, I would be getting at least one-a-day from Bernie!

I know you feel the ache, wondering exactly where they are. I pray every night that God have mercy on him, and give him a little corner of His house.  I worry a lot.  Faith helps.

At 2:05pm on October 12, 2012, David, BERNIE's dad said…


If I have to go unexpectedly I'll send you a heaven-o-gram, or from wherever I end up!

What's the old saying?  'If dogs don't go to Heaven, I want to go where they go!'

....... 'coz I know Bernie will be there too!

At 1:27pm on October 5, 2012, Michelle Johnson said…

Thank you and blessings to you also!

At 3:28pm on September 15, 2012, Bobbie J Caetano said…

I enjoyed looking at Jaime's pictures. 

Bobbie Caetano

At 12:48pm on August 25, 2012, Angela Valeriani-Poole said…
Thank you,

So sorry that we all have to be on here.
At 9:18pm on June 18, 2012, Alicia Rodriguez said…
Thanks Martha I'm praying for us all here and just to make it one day at a time friend Alicia Jesse's Mom
At 8:15am on June 1, 2012, valerie canosa said…
Martha, just checking up on you , hope all is well.. God bless you my friend! Lets get through this together!! xoxo
At 4:07pm on May 23, 2012, valerie canosa said…
Thank you for the beatiful and conforting words Martha, I am very sorry you have to experience this pain. I am sure he loved you just as much as you him and he would not want you feeling down, when you think of him, remember the happy moments, the smiles, and laughter it kind of helps me because it reminds me how lucky I was to have had her the years I did. Not easy but what can we do.. I send you a tight hug from here!!
God bless you and may the Lord continue giving you peace.. Rememeber if you ever feel like talking, I am here..
At 9:49am on May 23, 2012, valerie canosa said…
Martha I am glad to see that to an extent you are ok and coping with all of this. I am a believer, and have been since I was a child and so was my Sara. I can not blame nobody especially the Lord for my Saras accident. She was my best friend on top of so many things and as much as I miss her and I cry for her I know deep down inside my baby is in a better place enjoying of all the Lord offers in his home. Well my Sara was walking to pick up her baby sister from school on a Friday afternoon, she took a short cut with a friend and later was struck and killed by a train. My baby was 14 at the time. It was the most horrible day of my life, and I am left still picking up the pieces, however I have peace in my heart and within, I have no control of what God decides and I trust that my baby did not suffer. It is great to share this with people who understand the feeling of living with the pain of loosing a child. I pray for you and yours, and look forward to speaking to you soon.
At 10:27am on May 22, 2012, valerie canosa said…
God bless you too Martha!! We started this new journey almost together I lost My Sara 1 month and 6 days before your son left you and I know and fully understand what you are feeling... I am so sorry that you or anybody else has to go thru this pain and anguish.. Unfortunatley our children were called ahead of time and it consoles me and makes me feel beyond special and extremely thankful for being able to share the years I did with her. We will never get past this, however we learn to walk and deal with the pain that was buried in our hearts and soul the day they left us.. I wont call the pain a burden, because the love was pure from the moment I found out her little heart was beating within me, and my Sara will continue being my first born child, my daughter, my friend my all until the day I am called to the Lord's presence. She is not with me physically nor spiritualy, but the essense of my Sara lives within me. I am not saying that I am ok with this, all I am saying is that I am doing what I would have expected her to do if I was the one called. My prayers are with you and your family, If you ever need to talk I'm here, you can email me at vcansoa@hotmail.com.. I love you Sara with all of my might and strength.. I miss you dearly and think of you every minute of the day.

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