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At 10:23am on July 12, 2010, Miss Confused said…
You can call me Annie. I am I feel not hiding behind my name. I have been going through this for 6 years though. And for six years friends family and outsiders who have not experienced suicide want to give me advice. I am ok with taking the advice but sometimes things are easier said then done. I want to forgive him I really do but its so hard to forgive him when I have two children who look at me with questions about where is my dad and why is he dead.. Or when they hear rumors that hey maybe he got shot or robbed because his family does not want tobelieve that it was suicide. I understand totally that familys feel a sort of denial but I just get so mad that they put this off on my kids.. And again I am left there to answer the questions. I truly would like to move all the way on with my life.. I truly would love to let him go and let go of the anger but if siuations with his family and my kids questions come up how can I answer the questions honestly and not get angry at him.. Its unfair to me and to be hones with you Dominic I am mad real mad. I dont understand why and I dont even know how to get past this...
At 9:24pm on July 11, 2010, Miss Confused said…
Thank you so much for your honest advice.. Lots of people give advice but they are careful not to tell me what i need to hear... thankyou
At 4:13pm on May 11, 2010, Lorie Reid said…
thank you for talking to me. I don't get a chance to use a computer very often so it's kind of hit or miss. My John was 8 years older than me and he had a massive heart attack in 2006. He never quite recovered and died of CHF on 4-12-10
At 7:22am on May 10, 2010, Kathy Marie Luersen said…
Anytime I receive an e mail w/... story involving need for money...the e mail forwarded to and spammed. it is so obvious that you had better not get involved. What is wrong with people who fall for the obvious.
At 11:43pm on April 5, 2010, Deacon Bill said…
Thank you, I deleted the e-mail
At 5:18pm on April 5, 2010, Bridget said…
Thank you Dominic,
I felt kind of leary after reading it si I did not respond to her, have a peaceful evening...
At 10:49am on April 5, 2010, Valerie Good-Dunn said…
Thanks for the heads up.....I will ignore any further emails from her.
At 10:52pm on April 4, 2010, KEJ said…
I too thought this was inappropriate&did not respond.
I think it is cruel of people to do this,especially as we are trying to deal with the loss of a loved one,and every day life.
At 8:50pm on April 4, 2010, Darlene said…
Thanks sooo much Dominic. I did not respond to her cause I did think her e-mail looked fishy.
Again thanks for looking out for us. GBY!.
At 12:12pm on April 4, 2010, Dominic Manzer said…

I'm doing what I can, but it's not much, no modesty just the truth.

Stay in touch.

At 11:57am on April 4, 2010, Maria P said…
At 9:32am on April 4, 2010, arnie said…
i agree;and thanks.
At 9:12am on April 4, 2010, LuAnn said…

Thank you for trying to take care of this matter. People like her that target the vulnerable are rampant these days and need to be stopped. I am anxious to see what is done about her.

Again, thank you for doing what you can to stop her and for watching out for us here.
At 10:20pm on April 3, 2010, Elaine said…
I typed Concilia into the search box at the top of the page. I just looked again and there are now 34 pages. I lost my husband three months ago tomorrow. It's a hard enough thing to go through without someone trying to play on your feelings and take advantage of you. I, however, am smart enough to know there are all kinds of scam artist out there that will try to do so. Hopefully you can put an end to it. Thank you!
At 10:06pm on April 3, 2010, Dominic Manzer said…

I can't tell you how angry I am about this. All I've been able to do is send a message to the people her responded to her without reading the replies. I went back and read the replies and all but two recognized it was not good.

I can't tell how many have replied directly view Email or even how many requests Concilla's sent.

Because Concilla is still online, she dose not apear to have reacted to me busting her and putting a warning on her wall. I think she my not be looking at the wall only waiting for direct E-mails from gullible people. There could be many, I can't tell.

I've not had a loss my self, I went to look at what others are saying about situations similar to what my friends have had.

I care very much for others pain, there is so little that can be done. I know only to well the kinds of people who can take advantage of these these situations. Hopefully I've undone what this person has done to you.

I don't know anything more to be done until I get a reply from legacy.

I've gotten nice replies from several people, thank-you.


I'll keep you in mind if something come up, but I don't think there will be anything you could help with.
At 10:00pm on April 3, 2010, Elaine said…
Dominic...I hope you can get through to Legacy about Concilia's emails to everyone. As of 15 minutes ago, there were 33 pages of comments she left to people....all the same email. I'm sure Concilia's not the correct identity of this individual. Just some con-artist.
At 9:45pm on April 3, 2010, Micheline said…
Thank you. I did not send my email address to her, just declined her offer to connect... Let me know if there's anything further to do.
At 9:40pm on April 3, 2010, MyFathersSon said…
Thanks for the heads up Dominic.
At 9:03pm on April 3, 2010, Dominic Manzer said…
Heather, and others.

I'm sorry if my message was blunt and disturbed you. I needed to get something done quickly. In a few minutes, I've received two replies showing that the message was sent to many people.

I put a message up on Concilla's wall and sent an Email to Legacy. I don't know how long it might take for them to respond.

This appears to be a variation on the a classic e-mail scams, "you have money" or " I need help.." but targeted to a very venerable group. I has the tell tails of internet scams, comes from a foreign country from a non native english speaker. Being in a foreign country makes prosecution or recovery of assets impassable.

The original message looks to have been written in Spanish then translated by a translation computer program and not edited by someone who speaks any english at all.

I'll admit that I could be wrong. But If I'm correct, someone could be badly taken.

At 8:44pm on April 3, 2010, Mary Carter said…
I received that same email verbatim from Concilia! Now he/she is saying it in Spanish? What is going on?

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